Salum Nzobonantuma is a car guard in Camps Bay. He's from Burundi, a small warn-torn country in Central Africa.

We got the chance to talk about two weeks ago, and he told me about his life & how he came to South Africa.

He could see I was inspired, so he asked if I could write this story for him (because he wanted to share it with other people).

The result was excellent. Salum showed the document to his usual clients, and had his highest income week ever! Even better, previously aloof patrons are talking with him and he feels more respected (and more hopeful about his prospects).

Two lessons:

1. Stories sell.

2. Respect and skills go alot further in uplifting people than does money.

Think about it: When did you last come up with a good story? Isn't it time you did?
AuthorDave Duarte