Sale of a complex product or service requires a good model. I have created a simple mnemonic to help remember the essential elements of my own sales process. 

Good sales consist of five primary elements

Personal - understand what motivates your buyer.
Attention - Get their attention based on their motivations.
Conversation - Establish rapport, understand their needs in their language
Education - making our offer easy to understand and memorable for them.
Decision - Getting a decision towards our desired outcome.

PACED is built on the platform of solid prospecting and Marketing work. It should be applied in all sales work, from cold-calls to collaterals.

Person Prep (before making contact)

  • Business is always personal: it's about who can make it happen.

  • Know who you're dealing with - what's their role, where have they worked, what interests have they expressed online

  • Find out if you have shared connections e.g. on LinkedIn

Attention (first online/phone contact or introduction)

  • Get their attention with personal, relevant, and distinctive communication

  • Timing is all important at this step, show you’re paying attention to their needs, and are respectful of their time

  • Arouse CURIOSITY at this step.

Conversation (first meeting or follow-up call)

  • Ask good questions

  • Discover their needs

  • Uncover latent pains

  • Seek first to understand, then be understood.


  • Finding a simple way to describe the product. (The great educator is the man who can make complicated things simple).

  • Visual aids to make it more memorable (e.g. a demo you can use, a brochure you can point to)

  • Make it interactive if possible, for example do live calculations based on their figures.

  • Make it easy to remember our primary Features, Advantages, & Benefits.Involve them.

  • Use descriptive, multi-sensory language when describing their benefits


  • Ask for the sale

  • Keep the focus on the value not the price

  • Have documentation prepared for their YES so there’s no delay and no cool-off

  • Help them feel good about their decision by clarifying how delivery and after-sales works

AuthorDave Duarte