Donald Trump, a man who courts attention of any kind, is now suing an author for $5bn. Trump has had plenty ridicule and criticism before, so what could possibly have upset him to this extent?

The Trump suit says a book by reporter Timothy O'Brein "is clearly intended to damage Trump's businesses, brand, and reputation by, among other things, undermining the perception of Trump as a businessman of extraordinary means and ability (which he is)".

So what does this book say that could be so provocative. Is it about corruption, incompetence or bad hair? No, the book simply claims that that Trump isn't a billionaire... but is actually worth, at most, $250million. i.e. He isn't as successful as he claims to be.

You can call Trump what you want, but whatever you do, don't call him a millionaire. That's way beneath his station. At least that's what he'd have us believe. 

To quote Christopher Lasch "Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success".

The Trump
AuthorDave Duarte
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