In the Information Age, the most valuable resource will be Attention.

As Infomation increases, so the odds of us paying Attention to all of it decreases. So, as Attention becomes more scarce relative to time and information, people will value it more.

If this sounds a bit like an economic model, you're right: We are entering the Attention Economy.

In the Attention Economy, those that can attract and hold Attention win: where Attention goes, money flows.

This is already happening, but most people aren't yet aware of the value of Attention.

Let's be the frontrunners in this. Value and respect the Attention of others...

Treat it like the asset it is, and it will yield compound Interest!

For more on this, do read this article: The Attention Economy and the Net by Michael H. Goldhaber

AuthorDave Duarte
CategoriesTrends, Web PR