Business Report - To budget is to choose: Manuel charts a course for an Age of Hope

I hope you like the quote of the day "To budget is to choose" said by our Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel.

It ties into the speech that I'm giving tonight at Toastmasters about Attention.

Attention is a form of budgetting: We focus on something to the exclusion of other things for a point in time...

I want to highlight the importance of excluding other things in order to pay proper Attention... Because it's is the heart of Target Marketing.

Target Marketing is like budget setting... It amounts to a tough choice (or a lot of tough choices) about what to pay Attention to and what not to pay Attention to... and it requires discipline.

But as Trevor has shown us: sometimes that disciplined effort, multiplied over time, can yield R41-billion more than you were expecting!
AuthorDave Duarte