In the Weekend Argus this Saturday, Reg Lascaris (who's become a new-media evangelist) was talking about how digital media and personal, two-way dialogue with the customer is replacing the megaphone tactics of traditional (print and broadcast) media marketing.

One quote from the article that I really enjoyed:
"Digital will be brought to the heart of the agency in 2007. To scale new creative peaks you'll harness the online geeks"

Here are the three main points that are made in the article:
1. Dialogue over Monologue

We've been saying this over and over again, and it seems that the mainstream may be catching the ClueTrain, at last: Telling aint selling! Listening and responding according to what your customer tells you is the way forward.

2. There is no alternative

Digital media is no-longer on the fringe - and advertising budgets must start to reflect this. More than 50% of media spend should be allocated to digital (cellular and online).

3. Media in the Middle

Because media is becoming increasingly fragmented, agencies need to provide an integration and connection service between client and the server (of media). Thus agencies will help clients make sense of the micro-media fragments that are populating our universe.

OK... this might not be anything new for long-time readers of this blog, but I get a warm cushy feeling to have these ideas affirmed by someone like Reg, who is widely known and respected throughout the SA marketing industry. We're at that nexus point, and things are about to tip onto the geekier side of marketing;)
AuthorDave Duarte