Me and Mike Solomon think Samsung SA is having a misguided attempt at promoting their d900 phone with a blog which is cryptically called "Sams World".

It's written by someone who knows faaar too much about the d900 cell phone, and says things like:
My D900 ain’t no land-lubber and neither am I.

Who talks about their cellphone like that?

There's no indication of who the authors are, and there's no disclosure from Samsung. Big mistake.

You also need to be logged in to comment on the blog. Are they scared of their consumers' opinions?

It probably won't backfire on them, but unless it's changed it won't really amount to much either - which is far worse. Such wasted potential.

Here's some easy steps they could take to improve it:

  • Tell us who the writer is

  • Disclose that she works for Samsung

  • Respect our intelligence by telling us the purpose of the blog

  • Allow comments


The blog is linked to from the official D900 homepage. An about section has been added, and we don't need to register to leave a comment anymore.

I hope Sam continues to write the blog for this phone and subsequent releases... It's a ctually a great idea to have a blog to showcase the functional aspects of a cellphone in a day-to-day context.
AuthorDave Duarte