As Dave Liddell points out: South Africa needs innovative ICT solutions if we want to be competitive in a global market that seeks the smartest workforce.

A smart workforce today needs quality information and connectivity. Fortunately, many South Africans who can't afford PCs can already use their cellphones to access the net. This might be the key.

There are certain facts about cellular usage in Africa that astound me - like how cellphone airtime is being used as interest-free currency in Kenya. This is what makes us African - we make a plan!

I look forward to seeing heavily criticized applications like Mxit becoming potent educational content delivery platforms in South Africa... never mind the $100 laptop - our kids will have a powerful, user-friendly mobile computer with internet access in their pocket first!

We need to use what we have rather than looking to emulate the solutions that apply to the first world. Necessity is the mother of innovation.
AuthorDave Duarte