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BarCampDurban is going down on th 18th and 19th of November. I've explained BarCamp thousands of times before on this blog... but Edd (the organizer wunderkind) puts it most succinctly:

1st Rule of Bar Camp: You do talk about BarCamp.
2nd Rule of Bar Camp: You do blog about BarCamp.

In case you didn't already know... BarCamp is a type of techie conference, called an "unconference", where everyone who attends is expected to talk about something that excites their inner geek.

...Which basically means that you end up having the deepest conversations about the most obscure-yet-fascinating topics in existence with the some of the smartest okes in South Africa. Cool hey!?

If you can sponsor the event in any concievable way, you will benefit from link-love and geeky-goodwill... An opportunity not to be missed. Check the wiki for more info.
AuthorDave Duarte